High Net Worth Cases

Dissolution of marriage cases involving high net worth families are subject to the same rules and statutory limitations are cases with fewer assets.  However, the complexity of high net worth cases makes it critical that a party have legal counsel and supporting experts with sufficient experience to understand and organize the property and related issues.  High net worth families have a tendency to have more sophisticated investments where valuation and risk assessments are more difficult.  These cases generally have more tax issues and valuation discount issues.  Family business interests and complicated estate planning using trusts can create issues as to whether or not a property right, let alone a marital property right, has been created.

The key to handling high net worth cases is organization and familiarity with the various ways high net worth families manage their investments and finances.  Parties who work with lawyers who do not have this experience are usually at a significant disadvantage.

Dale E. Johnson, P.C. has been handling these kinds of cases for many years.  Boulder has a significant high net worth population and Dale E. Johnson, P.C. has the experience and organizational capabilities necessary to properly represent spouses in these kinds of cases.