Dissolution of marriage cases can be complicated.  Colorado law on property division, spousal support, child support, parental responsibilities and related issues are not easy for just anyone to understand.  As a result, many people who are considering a separation or divorce should schedule a consultation with a family law attorney to obtain general information and an idea of what might be involved in their case.  Is the case one that ought to settle quickly?  What information needs to be obtained to allow the parties to try to settle the case?  What mediation services are available and how does mediation work?  Are there any particularly difficult issues that require assistance from outside professionals such as appraisers or tax professionals?

Many people successfully settle their dissolution of marriage cases without the need for formal representation, doing this can save them money that would otherwise be spent on attorney fees.  However, an unfair, incomplete or unworkable settlement can also cause significant future difficulties.  Spending a few hours consulting with an experienced family law attorney can help avoid those future difficulties.  Our firm charges a reduced rate for an initial hour consultation that usually answers many questions and helps the client understand what is going to be involved in his or her case.