Looking Before You Leap - by Dale E. Johnson

     Many people who are moving to a dissolution of marriage become fixated on “getting it over with” as the first priority.  This is almost always a mistake.  Impulsivity can lead to serious errors being made.

     If a lawyer is consulted too late in the process, actions may have been taken or binding arrangements made on parts of the issues that then prejudice an equitable resolution of the other issues.  The fairness of a financial statement must be viewed as a whole.  If you are heading towards a dissolution of marriage, spending an hour early on with competent legal counsel can provide you with information and insight that will be invaluable.

     This office charges a reduced rate for the initial one-hour consultation.  Whether you proceed with full legal representation or not, that hour may save you a great deal of time and money.  However, the earlier you see an attorney, the sooner you’ll have the information you need to protect yourself.