Why Family Law?

Over the years I have often been asked why I chose to practice family law.  Everyone agrees that family law cases can be complicated and stressful.  Many lawyers who start out practicing family law get burned out quickly due to the high conflict and intense emotions.  Why would a lawyer want to practice family law?

The answer for me started with children.  Early in my career, I was asked by the courts to represent children as a Guardian ad Litem.  That led me to learn more about the best interests of children in dissolution of marriage cases which led me to handling more and more dissolution cases.  In addition to those best interest issues, I found financial issues to be complicated but fascinating.  There was always more to learn and working with other professionals to make certain my clients financial interests were protected gave me great satisfaction.  My clients have always appreciated the thoroughness of the work we do and how we explain the financial issues to them to help them make good decisions.  I still get calls from clients from long ago who want to say hello and let me know how they are doing.

Family law allows a lawyer to represent a person rather than a business or government agency.  It allows the lawyer to work closely with an individual to help him or her through a difficult transition in their lives.  The lawyer has the chance to help parents focus on their children’s needs and try to keep the negative emotions to a minimum.  While there can be a great deal of stress in family law, there is also a great deal of satisfaction.  That’s why I chose to practice family law