Providing Legal Consultation

Providing legal consultation services are becoming more common for family law attorneys. Dale Johnson has been practicing for forty-two years and has a great deal of experience with complex asset cases.  While Dale E. Johnson, P. C. has primarily focused on traditional representation of clients, increasingly, the firm is asked to provide consulting services to people who want to try to settle their divorce on their own.  Lawyers can be of great assistance in helping individuals who don’t want to hire a traditional, “full representation” attorney, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a case.  Lawyers can provide guidelines for how to obtain necessary information and help a client mediate and settle their case. 

Consulting services are not a substitute for regular representation and depending on the complexity of the issues or other factors, may not be appropriate in every case.  However, it is generally in everyone’s best interest to have an attorney review any divorce settlement before it is finalized, signed and filed with the Court.