What to Expect at Your Initial Family Law Consultation?

If you schedule an initial interview with a family law attorney, an important thing to keep in mind is to make certain you ask the questions that are important to you. It is imperative that you be fully honest with your attorney so he or she can help you. The information you provide your attorney is protected by the attorney/client privilege but providing insufficient information will undermine the attorney’s ability to provide you with useful advice. Sometimes it helps to make a list so you don't forget to ask the things that really matter to you before the meeting. The cliché, "There are no dumb questions," is particularly true in family law. Your attorney does not expect you to understand all of the issues or legal terms and will do his best to avoid complicated legal language. But if you don't understand anything regarding the advice you get, ask for clarification. Be on time.  Don’t bring your children as they can be a distraction and it’s not appropriate to involve them. Depending on your situation, you'll be informed by the staff as to what kinds of documents would be helpful to bring along with you to your initial appointment. These may include the following:


An outline of the date of marriage and timeline of significant events in marriage.

Information about any prior marriage of either spouse

A copy of any domestic contracts (e.g., a prenuptial agreement).

Information about any previous ongoing legal proceedings

Dates and particulars about any previous separations, attempts at reconciliation, or marriage counseling.

The name of your employer and your spouse's employer and some income information.