Maintenance Bill

A new maintenance bill has just been introduced in the Colorado Legislature.  There were a number of professional organizations who were providing comment to Representative McCann and each new version of the bill seemed to have changes that reflected those comments.  While no one seems completely happy with the current bill, the need for more uniformity in maintenance orders across the state is a powerful force that weighs in favor of the “formula” approach for maintenance awards.  The bill only applies to marriages of at least three years duration and combined gross income that do not exceed $240,000 per year.  The language in the latest version of the bill also adds such things as suspension or termination of the maintenance if the payee “cohabits” for six months or longer with “another person”.  The bill appears to require a judge to make certain pro-se parties understand what they would be giving up if they agreed to “waive” maintenance.  All proposed legislation is subject to being amended and the politics of any family law legislation can sometimes result in last minute and ill-considered changes to any bill.  The bill as currently drafted would not apply to actions filed before January 1, 2014.  If maintenance is an issue for you, you should pay close attention to this bill as it will substantially alter existing Colorado law.  If you have questions about how this bill might affect your case, call us and set a time to meet and discuss your situation.