Dale E. Johnson, P.C. is a leader in the practice of family law in Colorado. We practice only family law, and we specialize in handling complex financial and parental responsibility (custody) cases.

Over more than 40 years of practicing Colorado family law, Dale E. Johnson has developed expertise in guiding clients to satisfactory resolution of difficult family situations. The firm's presence and reputation for excellent service extends across Colorado.

Dale E. Johnson is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and the firm is actively involved in several child-focused professional groups.


Starting in the summer of 2015, we will offer mediation/settlement conference services.  Dale Johnson has extensive experience representing parties in dissolution of marriage cases.  Dale’s practical and creative approach to problem solving may help parties settle the most intractable dissolution of marriage cases.  In the past, some attorneys have requested that Dale act as a mediator/settlement conference facilitator to help them resolve particularly difficult cases.  This challenge was rewarding and personally satisfying to Dale.  Dale has been working with complex matrimonial cases since 1971.  While the number of mediation/settlement conference cases Dale will accept will be limited, we are happy to announce that such services are now available.


Why should I hire a divorce lawyer?
Everyone considering a separation or dissolution of marriage should spend some time consulting with an experienced family law attorney to find out what is involved and what the issues are likely to be in your case. After a consultation you will have a much better idea about whether you should retain an attorney or handle your case yourself. 

Things NOT to do:
Don’t try to hide assets or make dramatic changes in your finances or life, just as you are considering a divorce. Don’t try to spy on your spouse particularly by trying to intercept telephone calls, conversations or electronic communications. Doing this can result in you violating the law. You need your own secure electronic and telephone conversations so you and your lawyer and other professionals can communicate confidentially. You must preserve all your electronic data including hard drives, email and social media accounts.

Children and Parental Responsibilities:
Children are precious. Protecting your children even though you are going through a difficult time with your spouse should be your primary goal. Do not argue with your spouse in front of your children. Do not disparage your spouse to your children. There are a lot of talented and experienced professionals in Boulder-Denver to help you with issues related to your children. Read More >


"Dale E. Johnson, P.C. is a highly knowledgeable law firm, with integrity, that truly cares about their clients. They were responsive, accessible, honest and tenacious in representing me. I have complete trust in this firm and highly recommend them." - S.L., Longmont, CO

"Dale knows how to bring closure to a difficult process and was able to do so when others failed. He has the utmost integrity while willing to be assertive to achieve a successful outcome. I highly recommend Dale for your challenge." -  J.T., Fort Collins, CO

"Dale Johnson and his staff were invaluable to me throughout my difficult divorce. I will forever be grateful for his expert representation and for all their care and concern for my well-being each and every day." -  M.L., Loveland, CO

"Dale Johnson provided timely updates on the case status and provided adequate time and thorough and detailed options for consideration in making important decisions. Dale and his team of staff were available to meet my needs and were very caring and responsive to my concerns." - C.B., Boulder, CO